Saturday, September 22, 2012

New BestVoipReselling option

We are glad to introduce you new BestVoipReselling option. YourDialer is a universal mobile Voip client. With this app, users of iPhones, Android phones, Nokia phones and other devices can make international calls on their mobile phones. You can download application here:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top up your account at the best prices!

Recharge your VOIP account at the best prices and call your friends and relatives right now! Only a few days!
10EUR = 441.78 QIWI, 13.31 wmz
10UDS = 338.43 QIWI, 10.2 wmz

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Exellent prices!

Top-up your account right now!
10 EUR = 428.45 QIWI, 418 wmr, 12,68 wmz
10 USD = 347,29 QIWI, 338,83 wmr!
Hurry up! Only a few days.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MobileVOIP on your iPad or Android Tablet

Use MobileVOIP on your iPad or Android Tablet! Install it on your device, use 3G or WiFi connection, call any phone in the world at low rates!
Download here:
MobileVOIP for iPad
MobileVOIP for Android Tablets

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Best prices ever! Hurry up!

Positive  news for today! 
10 USD on your account for 10.8 WMZ and 340.97 QIWI! Top-up your EUR account with USD and you will get the equivalent in EUR. Pay attention, it is much more profitable than to pay in EUR! Hurry up! Only several days! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New operator

Positive news for today!
Let us introduce you a new Betamax operator -! With VoipYo you can make calls to many different destinations at the best rates!

  • Germany (Landline): Skype charges: 1.9 ct/min. VoipYo rate: 0.5 ct/min
  • India (Mobile): Skype charges: 6.9 ct/min.  VoipYo rate: 0.5 ct/min
  • Kazakhstan (Landline): Skype charges: 14.8 ct/min.  VoipYo rate : 1.5 ct/min
  • Kazakhstan (Mobile): Skype charges: 16.5 ct/min.  VoipYo rate : 4.5 ct/min
  • Russia (Landline): Skype charges: 4.3 ct/min. VoipYo rate: 0.5 ct/min
  • Russia (Mobile): Skype charges: 6.9 ct/min.  VoipYo rate: 2.5 ct/min
  • Singapore (Mobile): Skype charges: 1.9 ct/min.  VoipYo rate: 0.5 ct/min
  • Turkey (Landline): Skype charges: 2.8 ct/min.  VoipYo rate: 0.5 ct/min
  • Viet Nam (Mobile): Skype charges: 27.5 ct/min.  VoipYo  rate: 1.5 ct/min
  • To find more information about this operator and its rates you can on Just create a username and top-up on!

    Use VoipYo on your mobile phone!

  • iPhone / iPod / iPad: Download here
  • Android phones: Download here
  • Nokia / Symbian: Download here
  • Windows Phone: Download here
  • BlackBerry: Download here

  • Sunday, May 27, 2012

    Dear friends!

    We are extremely happy to invite you on ! Welcome again to our English website, which you haven’t seen since 2009! Our team is incredibly thankful that you are still with us!  
    We can offer you
     *  Fast and reliable service;
     * The BEST  prices;
     *   Easy to use website with complete information about all the operators;
     *   Private consultations  in case you have questions or problems.
    For the sake of our dear clients we are constantly improving our service.  Join us! Be with us and we’ll do our best to make you smile!  J
    Follow us on twitter. Keep up with our latest news, discounts, new programs and many other interesting things!